I am currently in the process of writing/editing several novels. All covers are not the final product. All ideas and cover art are copyrighted. 

Inmate # 9

      Nineteen-year-old Kiri Anson is eager to go to jail. She craves a life sentence the way an alcoholic craves their next drink. She's tired of the condescending looks and insults from strangers as she shoplifts to get her next meal. After a childhood of homelessness, she wants somewhere to lay down her head and call her own. So, after catching the attention of the local authorities, Kiri welcomes the twelve year sentence in one of the world's most notorious prisons. 

      But Anori prison isn't what she expected. At all. The food is gourmet. The living quarters are the size of complexes. The clothes aren't a garish orange or even black and white stripes. There's even a game room to utilize during free time.

      And on top of that, her four cell mates are all men. In fact, she's the only girl in the entire facility and no one will tell her why. As Kiri searches for answers, she discovers that not everyone is keen on her presence. And some inmates are willing to do whatever it takes to make her leave--even if that means in a body bag. 



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Glassy Sky

     Adopted eighteen-year-old Corrin Kasadon has been working to pay off her parent's ever-accruing debt for years. Between working a series of odd jobs and taking exams to get into college, she has little time for anything else. The only thing keeping her going is the thought of graduating high school and moving far away.

     That reality shatters, however, when her parents decide sell her to the Spirit Realm. They claim it's the only choice they had, but Corrin isn't so sure. Thrust from her stable life, she's forced to enter an entirely different world--one that detests humans. And to make matters worse, Corrin was raised to be, without question, exceptionally obedient, never refusing any order a yokai might give her.

     When a ghoul that feeds on the dead, known as a Jikininki, buys her at auction, she becomes the newest employee at a Yokai coffee shop called Garasu Sora--Glassy Sky. Alongside a timid Kitsune, an arrogant Oni, and a man-hating Nikusui, Corrin will have to traverse the unsteady waters to bring honor into her new life. While taking orders and serving the cruelest monsters in all of Japanese folklore, she'll come face-to-face with a past, present, and future drenched with uncertainty.

     That is, if the yokai don't kill her first.


Querying Agents

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