"She breathes life into her characters and novel with vivid descriptions.  The ending is satisfying and sentimental."

Todd Kelly, High School English Teacher

"These days, it’s hard to find a novel that’s entertaining and thought-provoking. I found that with Walking with Strangers. From the engaging beginning to the climatic end, Ms. Keller’s seemingly-effortless flow with words creates a relatable world. With well-written characters, a refreshing plot, vivid settings, and a thought-provoking theme, this is one of the best novels I’ve read from an up-and-coming author. I received the book last Monday and was able to finish it today. I expect future bestsellers from Kaitlyn Keller."

Terrance C, Goodreads Review


"It's a wonderful read. Look out Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth! Walking with Strangers kicked off an awesome debut from Kaitlyn. I can't wait to read more."

Troy Diffenderfer, Author

"[Running with Shadows] opened a world and a depth to the life of Genesis and Kei. I found it inspiring to read a story through the other character only to find that story was even more captivating."

Amanda A, Amazon Review

"I really enjoyed this book. The beginning chapters really pull you into the narrative and the characters. There wasn't any point in the book where I wanted to stop reading! The story is really creative and unique, and you could feel the thread of the message (are good and evil really as black and white as we make them?) throughout the whole book. The characters are likable, and the ending has some plot twists that I wasn't quite expecting until they happened. I read the book on vacation, and it was a perfect world to escape to and relax. I definitely recommend it!."

Johanna Smith, Amazon Review

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"Well written, easy to read and follow, and emotionally raw, this novel digs deep into the lasting trauma and scars of a painful past. It’s a story of camaraderie born of heartache and tragic circumstances set in a world much like our own, yet so strangely different."

MJE, Amazon Review